A Heart Full of Love and Joy
A Heart Full of Love and Joy

A Heart Full of Love and Joy

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A Heart Full of Love and Joy was written to provide readers with a hearty dose of joyfulness and an exciting reminder of God’s amazing grace and our innate ability to thrive in the midst of trials and tribulations. This gem serves as a memento that authentic joy is attainable, during all seasons of our life. When we are intentional about cultivating an attitude of gratitude and seeking joy in our lives, everything changes. Now more than ever, we all need simple and achievable tactics to empower ourselves and each other.

This easy read (67 pages) offers six courageous but manageable life principles that are sure to bring readers to a place of wholeness, joy and inner-peace. The author has experienced her fair share of trials and tribulations – but because of these faith-filled principles, she is able to enthusiastically live a rewarding and enjoyable life. Unapologetically. Her words of encouragement and upbeat approach will certainly revitalize your mind, replenish your soul and inspire you to live your best-blessed-life.

A Heart Full of Love and Joy is not just another "feel good" book, but instead a tangible plan to live a victorious life.

*The "joyful" images are merely a bonus...