Daily Workbook: Living on Purpose

Daily Workbook: Living on Purpose

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This 90-day intention setting workbook was prayerfully and thoughtfully designed to meet you wherever you are- mentally and spiritually- every morning for 90 days.

What's Inside?

90 worksheets to be completed every morning.

  • Mood
  • Power Word of the Day
  • Bible Verse for Today
  • I am grateful for...
  • Today, I will...
  • Today's Affirmation
  • Encouraging Quote of the Day
  • Notes: What's Missing? Additional thoughts!

Why intention setting? Every morning.

Without clear direction and focus you are bound to become lost, overwhelmed and distracted.

Ditch the formalities and S.M.A.R.T goal setting strategies- well save them for the BONUS goal-slaying section of the workbook and focus on your desired outcome for each day. How do you want to show up in the world, regardless of what challenge, obstacle or win comes your way each day? Key words: How do YOU want to show up? Intention setting is about purposefully making a promise to yourself. A pledge to intentionally focus on your wants, needs and desires.  No, it’s not selfish. Intention setting allows you to deliberately show up for yourself and others, in a manner that feeds your heart and soul. You will be better prepared to handle whatever comes your way from day to day.

So, will you commit to taking a few minutes every morning to create the life that your heart and soul earnestly desire?

This should be considered sacred time to stay connected with your Creator, your core values, and yourself. It shouldn’t be forced or burdensome. At first it may feel slightly awkward because many of us are so accustomed to rolling out of bed and hitting the floor running! “I need to do this and that, the kids need this and that, the dog or cat needs this or that”- the “things to do” list (mentally or written) becomes the priority without first checking in with self.

How is my heart this morning? What is my mood this morning? What energy do I want to bring into the world today? How do I want to feel at the end of the day?

Pause. Slow down. Today, I will…

Let’s go! Get your workbook and begin this life-changing mindfulness practice. “Change your thoughts, change your words, change your actions, and change your life.” – Arlene Vassell